♠♣♥♦ A note about sizing ♦♥♣♠

Turnaround time and pricing is the same regardless of whether you choose a “standard” size or custom sizing. Because you will need to measure yourself in either case, I strongly recommend custom sizing. 


♠♣♥♦ Size chart ♦♥♣♠

In inches:

  Bust Natural Waist Low Waist Hips
XS 30″ 26″ 29″ 33″
S 33″ 29″ 32″ 36″
M 36″ 32″ 35″ 39″
L 39″ 35″ 38″ 42″
XL 42″ 38″ 41″ 45″

In centimeters:

  Bust Natural Waist Low Waist Hips
XS 76 cm 66 cm 73 cm 84 cm
S 84 cm 73 cm 81 cm 91 cm
M 91 cm 81 cm 88 cm 99 cm
L 99 cm 88 cm 96 cm 106 cm
XL 106 cm 96 cm 103 cm 113 cm


♠♣♥♦ How should I measure myself to ensure a proper fit? ♦♥♣♠

Please don’t be afraid to ask me questions if you are unsure about measuring yourself. Most people have never measured themselves before, so there’s no need to be shy if you have questions.

Even if you choose a default size, it’s important to measure yourself, as sizing isn’t universal! My “Small” could be equivalent another brand’s “Large”.


♠♣♥♦ Measuring tips ♦♥♣♠
  • Don’t measure over bulky clothing, but do measure over your undergarments. (A thin tee is okay- jeans and a hoodie, probably not.)
  • If you’ll be wearing specialty undergarments underneath, measure with them! (i.e. Spanx or a special bra.)
  • A flexible tape measure is best, but you can also use a piece of ribbon/string and a ruler.
  • Measurements should be taken “snug”- not loose, not tight.
  • Most of my clothing is meant to have a snug fit. If you want your hoodie or tee to fit looser (not recommended for halters, corsets, or anything without sleeves, really), please don’t add to your measurements: instead give me your actual measurements and tell me you’d prefer a looser fit.
  • You can provide your measurements in inches or centimeters.


♠♣♥♦ How to measure your bust ♦♥♣♠

Measure around the fullest part of your chest. (see photo below)

Your bust measurement is not necessarily the same number as your bra size. If you wear a 34B, do not assume your bust is 34″. Please give me your bust measurement in inches or centimeters.


♠♣♥♦ How to measure your natural waist ♦♥♣♠

Measure around the thinnest part of your torso, usually a few inches above your belly button. (see photo below)

Your natural waist is probably not where you wear the waistband of your pants, unless you wear a lot of high-waisted clothing.


♠♣♥♦ How to measure your low waist ♦♥♣♠

Measure around your torso where you prefer to wear the waistband of low-rise skirts and pants, usually a few inches below your belly button. (see photo below)


♠♣♥♦ How to measure your hips ♦♥♣♠

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and measure around the fullest part of your butt/hips. (see photo below)

Don’t confuse this with your “low waist”. This is NOT where you wear the waistband of your pants.

If you’re measuring where your hip bones protrude, you’re probably measuring a little too high, unless you’re very very petite and your hip bones are the absolute widest part of your lower body.

For most people, the hip measurement should be taken closer to crotch-level. Turn sideways in the mirror and look for the swell of your buttocks (crotches and buttocks, hurray!).


♠♣♥♦ How to measure for length ♦♥♣♠

For tops and dresses, measure from your underarm to where you’d like the hem of the garment to fall. For most tops, this would be between about 13″ to 20″. For dresses, this would be about 25″ at the shortest. (see photo below)

For skirts, the length is measured from the waistband to the hem.


♠♣♥♦ How to measure sleeve length ♦♥♣♠

With your arm straight, measure from your armpit to the middle of your palm. (see photo below)


♠♣♥♦ How to measure arm circumference ♦♥♣♠

Measure around your upper arm, around the fullest part of your bicep.(see photo below)