Other Questions

♠♣♥♦ How should I care for my Smarment? ♦♥♣♠

Smarments should include a card with care instructions, but if you lost it/forgot/etc.:

I recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry, unless I’ve included a care card that says otherwise. This will ensure the longest, happiest life of your Smarment.

I use a lot of specialty fabrics and delicate trims (not to mention the hook and eyes and things that will snag), and they really needed to be treated gently. Even the gentle cycle on the machine is not recommended.

For stain removal, please blot with a wet cloth versus rubbing vigorously – or at the very least, rub from the “inside” of the garment. Some prints can be “rubbed off” or dulled if you aren’t gentle.

If you insist of machine washing (at your own risk!), I recommend putting the item inside a sweater bag or pillowcase first.


♠♣♥♦ Where can I get the pattern for that dress/top/skirt? ♦♥♣♠

I draft all of my own patterns, some of which I’ve released as printable PDF patterns that you can get here.

In addition to SmarmyClothes, I also run WhatTheCraft.com, a site dedicated to craftiness. I offer free sewing tutorials, as well as tips, articles, and reviews, so go check it out!


♠♣♥♦ Where did you get that t-shirt or fabric? ♦♥♣♠

If you want to know where to buy fabric and other materials online, check out the Craft Resource Directory at WhatTheCraft.

If you emailed me asking where I got a specific shirt or specific fabric and I didn’t respond, it’s not because I hate you. I get a TON of questions like that. Unfortunately, I rarely have enough time to respond, and I buy so many shirts and so much fabric, I usually don’t remember exactly where the something came from.


♠♣♥♦ Where are you located? ♦♥♣♠

My creations come to you from the former Celery Capital of the World: Kalamazoo, Michigan.  (Yes! There really is a Kalamazoo!)


♠♣♥♦ Do you have a store? ♦♥♣♠

You’re lookin’ at it! I am currently an online-only presence, but maybe someday there will be a sweet brick + mortar Smarmy shop for you to visit.


♠♣♥♦ Do you accept wholesale or consignment orders? ♦♥♣♠

I’m no longer doing consignment, but if you’re interested in discussing a wholesale order, please contact me.


♠♣♥♦ Who are you? ♦♥♣♠

My name is Lex, and SmarmyClothes is pretty much a one-woman circus act. I juggle everything – drafting the patterns, designing + sewing the clothes, ordering t-shirts + fabric, taking photos, answering emails, designing + maintaining the website, and shipping orders.

I’m pretty much self-taught. I didn’t go to fashion or design school. Actually, by training I’m a nurse. I learned to sew in a middle school “Life Skills” class and from my mom. After learning the basic skills of sewing, it was pretty much just lots of practice from there.

I’ve been selling my stuff since 2003, and SmarmyClothes.com was established in January of 2005. SmarmyClothes was pretty much a hobby until I finished my bachelor’s degree in December of 2005, when I decided that doing fashion design full time sounded pretty sweet.