Drum roll, please…
Jun 29th, 2010 by Alexis

And the winners of the Smarmy necklace giveaway are…………

Ashley and Kelly!!!


Congratulations, ladies!

And THANK YOU to everyone who entered!!  I hope you’ll all be back for the next giveaway!


A few days left…
Jun 24th, 2010 by Alexis

There’s still time to enter my giveaway!

Just click the image and comment with your favorite of the new Smarmy Necklaces!!

New labels!
Jun 18th, 2010 by Alexis

When I got my bachelor’s degree (unrelated to sewing, ha), my mom bought me my first batch of woven labels for SmarmyClothes. They were quite spiffy, especially compared to the super simple iron-on labels I had made myself.

I ordered a second batch of the same labels from the same company a few years ago. Last month I noticed I was down to my last 17 labels! I’d been half-looking at replacement labels for a while, having decided that the woven labels were perhaps a little too expensive for something someone might just cut out of the garment once they got it. It got kind of dire when I realized I had less than twenty left.

I decided on making my own with some printable fabric. I even bought the printable fabric sheets. It wasn’t until I started looking at printer cartridges for my color printer (I pretty much use a b+w laser printer exclusively, and I was seriously clutching my chest at the price of color cartridges) and doing some quick calculations and Etsy searches that I realized I could get custom woven labels for cheaper (from a different seller than I’d bought from before) than I could make the printables myself. The decision was made!

Anyway, without further ado, here are my new shiny Smarmy labels!

labels all packed up

I decided to split one long label in half and design two different versions of the label.

my old label next to the new labels

Squee! I can’t wait to use them! I guess I should get sewing.

What I want to be when I grow up…
Jun 15th, 2010 by Alexis

When people bring up the “what would you do if you could do anything you wanted” question, usually I say: I want to start an all-girl band, write a book, sew some crazy dresses or costumes, make friends with some birds of prey, move to Sweden…

Today I was chatting with my brother, and he asked me to help him come up with a scene idea for a haunted forest. Every year his school does a haunted trail as a fundraiser, and he needs to come up with an awesome new scene for his group.

That’s when I remembered my Ultimate Dream, which is to run a haunted forest. I’d settle for a house, but I’ve always like the outdoor haunts best. I could fantasize all day about making props and sets and costumes. Plus, it’s like an excuse to obsess over Halloween 365 days a year, which I pretty much do already.

Things I will have in my haunted house/forest:

Werewolves – I think it’d be awesome to have them howling from way off in the distance before you see them

Cemetery with a zombie hoard

Creepy trees with faces

Skeletons – preferably robotic ones playing in a bluegrass band or something ridiculous like that, a la the haunted train ride at Cedar Point

Whispering woods – sometimes the most basic stuff is the creepiest

Dead ghost kids laughing

Maybe some sort of satanic ritual to scare the crap out of the believers, haha.

Chainsaws… always scary

Things I will NOT have in my haunted house:

Recent horror movie characters (Freddy, Jason, Scream guy…). Lame and not scary.

New tutorial at!
Jun 14th, 2010 by Alexis

I posted a new tutorial at WhatTheCraft, showing how to ruffle like a cheater (that’s me!).

Click here for the tutorial!


Smarmy Giveaway!
Jun 14th, 2010 by Alexis

I finally found the cajones to list my new line of jewelry. That’s right… you read that right. JEWELRY.

My necklaces are made with minimal amounts of metal, because I’m allergic to it. And it wouldn’t be very much fun to make stuff I couldn’t wear, would it?

To celebrate the launch of the new stuff, I’m giving away two of my sample pieces! Sample means they have some very tiny flaws, but I promise you’ll barely notice. And they’re free anyway… what do you care?

The samples up for grabs:

lovey dovey roger

cupcake with sprinkles

How to enter:

Comment here with your favorite of the new necklaces!  See them all here.

I will randomly draw two winners from the entries on June 29th!

For bonus entries:
Tweet about the new necklaces on twitter. (1 entry)
Post a facebook update about the new necklaces. (1 entry)
Post a facebook update about my fanpage, encouraging your friends to join! (1 entry)
Feature one of the necklaces in your blog or on your website. (1 entry)
Make a purchase from my Etsy shop or my website between June 14th and 28th. (4 entries)

New summery duds
Jun 6th, 2010 by Alexis

If you ever meet me and think I don’t like you because I don’t talk, I promise that it’s just because I’m awkward.

Example: we were at the store the other day, and I needed to get a tub of yogurt, but this guy was meticulously stocking the small yogurts above it. So when I finally scooched in front of him to grab my yogurt, I managed to knock over all of the tubs next to it…

Then I had to try not to giggle, because I’d been trying so hard not to do anything dumb like that since he was trying to get these yogurts so perfect. Mr. Smarmy laughed at me because my face turned all red, and then I went to grab a bag of flour and dropped it.

So please take pity on me, for I am a dork.

And now, some new summery stuff I made:

P.S. Lots of old stuff has been marked down, including the entire tees and tanks section!

Jun 5th, 2010 by Alexis

I was standing in line behind the counter of a restaurant the other day, waiting to pick up my carryout order, and there were two business suited women behind me.

Next to the counter was the door to the kitchen, which had a sign that said “Keep Out unless you receive a EB’s paycheck!”

One of the suit women said to the other, “Ha. That signs says, ‘Keep Out unless you receive a EB’s paycheck.'”

So I’m already musing about how dumb people are. I mean, I assume her friend can read all by her lonesome… but then she says, “I want one of those. Except mine will say, “Keep Out because I don’t like you.”


Anyway, here are some custom orders I’ve made recently.

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