Happy birthday to ME!
May 6th, 2010 by Alexis

To celebrate my bday (I just glanced at that and read, “To celebrate my body,” hahaha), I am having a fantasy shopping spree… here are my handmade birthday picks!

(Gifts can be deposited on my doorstep.)

Who doesn’t need a damned cute fruit protector??!
Teacher’s Pet knit and crochet fruit protector pouch by tokyotombola


None of my cereal bowls have teeth. Or eyes. And that’s just not right.
Ceramic skull cereal bowl by skeletaldropkick


I’ve been drooling over this skirt for ages.
Real vintage painting short Ruffled skirt with petticoat and lace by malam


So it’s a little out of season… I don’t care!
INDISCRETION Chocolate Vanilla Scarf Wrap with Turquoise Frosting by Indiscretion


I love mushies!!
Spotty Toadstool – Hand carved rubber stamp by skullandcrossbuns


Halloween is every day for me. And I need an everyday Halloween dress!
sally by Maraleopard


skeletons, wolves, linocut… you had at me skeletons.
Bone Pack Hand-Printed Linocut by artruant


I love this little guy. He kinda reminds me of a fruit snack, though, so I might try to eat him.
Purple Glitter Zombie Fish Resin Pendant Necklace by KalliopeKreations


Can’t forget the birthday cake!
Black Forest Cake Tissue Box Cozy by TwinkieChan


What’s the secret word?!


Stick a feather in your hat and call it a pretty reading lap pillow!
Mad Hatter Reading/Lap Pillow by invernessstudios


Look how cute he is! (Yes, it’s a ‘he’.)
unicorn brooch or hair clip by tanyap

16 Responses  
  • Pili writes:
    May 6th, 201010:04 amat


    And girlie, you have amazing taste!! I hope you get some of those for your b-day!

    • Alexis writes:
      May 7th, 20103:20 pmat

      Thanks, Pili!!

  • aNGrYLiTTLeDeAdGiRL writes:
    May 6th, 20102:02 pmat

    Happy birthday!!! I will deposit “something” on your doorstep, but it won’t be anything you’re expecting…

    • Alexis writes:
      May 7th, 20103:20 pmat

      Hahahah, so you’re the one that left a dead animal in my yard???

  • Fabulously Fierce writes:
    May 6th, 20102:33 pmat

    Happy Birthday Lex!
    I love all of your bday wishes, I hope you get a few!

    • Alexis writes:
      May 7th, 20103:19 pmat

      Thanks, Fafi!

  • Rhi writes:
    May 6th, 20105:09 pmat

    I need that cereal bowl! I just showed it to Hud.. and all he could say was “Why?”.. So I just repeated what you had written about none of my cereal bowls having teeth or eyes. I hope this works!

    • Alexis writes:
      May 7th, 20103:19 pmat

      HAHA! That’s probably what Mr. Smarmy would say! Men…

  • Kalliope Kreations writes:
    May 6th, 20105:24 pmat

    Happy Birthday Lex! Thanks for including my little fish guy in you list of birthday wishes! You picked a lot of cool stuff, I hope Mr. Smarmy is paying attention :)

    • Alexis writes:
      May 7th, 20103:19 pmat

      Thank you, and it was my pleasure! I love that little fishy!

  • maraluce writes:
    May 9th, 20102:19 pmat

    happy belated birthday!
    & thanks again for including a dress of mine in that awesome list :]

    • Alexis writes:
      May 19th, 20101:07 pmat

      You are very welcome!!

  • Pro-Portional Designs writes:
    May 13th, 20107:53 amat

    Lovely pics. I especially like that skirt.

    • Alexis writes:
      May 19th, 20101:09 pmat

      Thanks! I drool a little every time I see it!

  • skeletaldropkick writes:
    May 27th, 201012:29 amat

    hey! Neat to see my stuff up there as a birthday wish :) I hope you got some of the stuff you wanted, if no one got you my stuff and you order some, I will put in a let little birthday present :)


    • Alexis writes:
      June 6th, 20109:30 pmat

      Aw, thanks! I’ve been drooling over your stuff for many years!

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